Fiction Workshop

So today is the start of class for my MFA program.  I’ve logged on and done an introduction of myself and I’ve read the reading for this week and will comment on it tomorrow.  Found out that AGAIN a professor added a book late so I had to order it this morning and hope it will come in on time.

I’m excited for the semester. I have no idea what I’m going to turn in for work but am excited nonetheless.  Half the  people in the class I know and half I don’t so it will be interesting to work with some of the same people again and different ones as well.  Three people in the class are brand-new to the program too so that will be interesting.

Had a good visit yesterday with Katrina in my program.  She is finishing up her thesis this year as are several that came in with me.  I think the last one besides me will finish in December.  Then it will just be me from the inaugural class plodding along until I finish.  I hope I can stay in touch with her and keep being friends.  We just knew each other before this program and I think we can now be friends.  WE will see.

Hope everyone else starting new endeavors stays as excited as I am!  GOod luck for the week to us all!


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