Almost Forgot

that i was supposed to go to the food pantry today. Got there just in time to start handing out food.  We had a big crowd to help today but a big crowd of volunteers to help out also.  So that was good.

Turned in my response to the reading today before I left.  I hope it works for the assignment.  I talked about how what ties together all my stories finally became clear to me just recently.  So that was a good feeling and gave me something good to talk about that related to the reading.

Getting close to when we should be hearing about my oldest one’s job prospect with Disney.  I so hope she gets it.  But of course, you feel like the longer they wait to contact you, the less chance it is that it’s you they want.  SO I am praying she  will hear something today and she will at least know where she stands.

My youngest one has a weekend-long church event starting tomorrow, and I am looking forward to some quality time with Bob.  WE’re going to have to figure out something to do together o keep us busy while we have no children in the house.   I think we will manage.  I hope she has an uplifting time and enjoys it.

Hope everyone has a good end to their week and that you all have a good weekend!

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