Had a good writing day yesterday. We have to do exercises in my fiction class and we had one out of  a book that sounded boring as everything.  But in the discussion thread for our class reading, the author we read compared making a story anthology to making a mixtape and talked about the confusing things that used to happen when landlines were the only means of telephoning people.  A girl in my class proposed an exercise where we write about mixtapes and landlines, doing 1000 words.

So the instructor picked up on the energy of the class on the idea and made it an alternate assignment of 700-1000 words–and when I quit yesterday,  I was 725 words in.  That may be as long as it gets, but I really, really enjoyed doing it.  I was happy to have a new idea.

I don’t know how much longer I will be able to keep up the 46ReasonsWhyNOt website.  I am reaching the end of a list and have only one list left with another person who promised to do one by February 1.  Most of the people who agreed to do one either explicitly dropped out or just haven’t done it.  If anyone reading  wants to make a list of reasons to continue on in this life even when you don’t want to, drop me a note in the comments and we will work something out.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



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