Cabin Fever

I am staying home with the youngest one for another snow day–it should be mostly melted by tomorrow since it is sunny out today.  And they should go back to school.  That will be nice.  She isn’t any trouble but just HERE.  And I’m not used to trying to amuse her.   She keeps herself busy but it’s just kind of eerie having her here.

Still submitting things and hoping something will stick somewhere.  I am really frustrated about some pieces I should have heard something about by now.  I can’t believe how SLOW some of these “best” journals are.  At least they’re not sending rejections quickly, which means I have a chance.  But you’d think they’d send acceptances quicker than six months.  Makes me wonder if they have closed down or something.

Still continuing my fast from secular music.  I have been surprised at how much of the Christian music we have collected over the years–I’m sure some of these CD’s belong to the kids but they haven’t claimed them back yet.  I’ve especially enjoyed listening to the older stuff I used to listen to as a teenager. Good memories.  ( I never thought I would ever say that about being a teenager.)

My mood is holding up well so that is good.  I see Tillie in a week and will be able to fill her in on everything.  Still making plans with friends and enjoying that.  I need to find time to buy MJ a birthday present for our lunch later on.  Good plans.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week.  Happy snow day!



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