Late Morning

I have been sick at my stomach all night last night and just now woke up feeling right for the first time in hours.     So I am sipping at watered-down Gatorade and trying to accomplish a little something by typing here.

I am up for workshop this week in class and am a little nervous about that.  But I think it will be nice to see what people say good and instructive to see what they say bad.  That is the attitude I have to take doing this work.

I have the reading for this week but am not sure if I will do it today.  I’m not sure I would type anything coherent,  I am really having to think hard about typing these words.  And I’m not trying to be fancy here at all.

In fact, I think I wil pack it in right here and maybe go back to bed.  I haven’t decided on that part yet.  We will see.  Hope everyone else has a better start to their week.


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