So I went to a professional makeup artist for a new look.  Amy Head Cosmetics in Ridgeland.  And I got exactly what i was looking for–a simple routine that makes me look like myself but better :).  She showed me contouring and brow lining to match my new hair color and gave me a complete skincare line and all kinds of things.

I spent a LOT doing it but no more makeup that I use at a time, it will be a while before i have to refill anything.  I figure I’ll go once a year for new supplies and an updated look.  So all and all it was a very positive experience.

I went and transferred money to cover my tuition bill finally–with all the staying home I’ve been doing I just finally got to the bank to do it today.  But that is taken care of so that is nice.

I see Jo tomorrow for lunch and am looking forward to that.  WE may go to the new place Café 042 or may go to an old standby, Kismet’s.  Depends on what they’re serving at Café 042–the menu changes every day.  So we will see.

I feel so much better than I have been since i was sick Sunday.  I’m hoping all my chemicals are back on track and I can feel better all the time.  We will see what happens.  Hope everyone has a good start to their weekend!


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