So Bob has his procedure  this morning and we are waiting for the bus to pick up our youngest one before we leave.  He has had a rough time of it with the chemical prep you have to do with this stuff last night so he doesn’t feel rested or good or anything.  I slept some better but not much.

I’m taking my school reading with me to the appointment and will read while I wait.  Then hopefully have time to do my homework and all after lunch.  I need to write about the reading and the workshop piece for this week.  I hate blowing words on these assignments–500 words is a lot.  This professor used to just require 350 words so I wonder what made her change.

I have had an extraordinarily hard time lately with motivation to do what I need to do lately.  I just want to sleep again.  I don’t know why.  I’m not taking the sedative and the weather has been nicer than usual in January–not nearly so rainy and cold.  But I am just so bored around the house.  i have stuff that needs to be done but I don’t feel like doing it at all.

SO we will see how today goes.  Hopefully everything will be fine for the procedure and nothing will be wrong.  Hope everyone else has a good week.




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