Dental Visit

Had a dentist visit this morning and that went well–no cavities or anything.  Got a nasty surprise with the bill though.  My dental insurance company is refusing to pay on the crown I got last year–said i had a waiting period before they paid for anything and I had it done in that waiting period.  So now we have to pay for the whole thing.  So that wasn’t good. I paid half on it and they’ll send a bill for the other half.

Ordered the cake for my youngest one’s birthday party this weekend.  Hopefully it will turn out good.  I need to go back to the grocery store in a bit and do the shopping for the weekend.  It won’t be a lot but it needs to be done.

I sure am glad I got an acceptance early in the week because I’ve gotten one or two rejections a day ever since. But that is just the way this submission business is.  All I can do i see who might be interested in what i have.

Pretty and warm day today–it makes it so much easier to stay awake when it’s not so cold and dreary outside.  So that has been good. I need to do laundry today–having the appointment put me behind.  But I’ll get it all taken care of.

Hopefully we will have a good weekend for the sleepover for my youngest one’s friends and that will go well.  Hope everyone reading has a good weekend as well,


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