Story Idea

I woke up from a dream that seemed perfect for a flash story.  In it, people were on a boat floating over a flooded New Orleans, eating a crawfish boil and talking to the people on the boat about the old days of Mardi Gras.  We have a class assignment to create a world different from our own and write a story about it.  I was pretty much going to do the other assignment because I don’t do speculative fiction. But this dream kept pestering me until I thought it all out and started to write it down.  So we will see what comes of it.

Bob’s finally going to the doctor.  He thinks he has a sinus infection plus a ringing in the ears, which is a new symptom. SO he is going to check it out.  I hope he starts feeling better since we go to Birmingham this  weekend for a dance competition.  Fun, fun.

We had a good party for my youngest this weekend–she had three girls come over and do a sleepover.  They played games and talked and ate and just had a good time. We did too,  No drama, no hatefulness, just a lot of fun.

I guess I’ll go back to my story and see what happens!

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