I feel rotten but don’t have the flu.  I went to the doctor and that is what they tested me for,  I’m tired, a little achy, and cold.  No congestion though.  So I am just suffering,  I have an antibiotic in case it’s bacterial so hopefully i will start to feel better before Birmingham dance competition.

Finished my ghost story for my class.  I feel like I spent too much time in exposition and not enough happens but I’ve hit the 1000-word limit.  I think it will continue it for my final project and make more happen–lengthen it out to the 2500 words for that.  I have some ideas for revision for a longer version so i am looking forward to keeping on working on it.

I think i am going back to bed.  My mother-in-law is picking up my youngest from school and taking her shopping as a late birthday present. so i have some extra time to rest this afternoon.  Hope everyone is having a better start to their week.




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