Still Not Well

I still don’t feel great.  I did do my schoolwork, finishing it yesterday,. So I have that out of the way.   I just hope whatever this is moves on soon.

So sad to hear that Billy Graham passed away.  He was really God’s man for the past generation. I’m not sure his son is going to be able to take that mantle on with his support for Trump politically.  But he may not be interested in it–he has his own work to do.  I’m just hoping we can get a revival in this nation and pull back from the brink we are on culturally.

I am still sending out work everyday even this deep into February.  I usually don’t keep New Year’s resolutions I occasionally make this long! 🙂 But I’m determined to hold to it and get some results this year.  I already have in getting the novella deal.  So I am just waiting on more of the same.

I think I am going to eat lunch and then lie back down for a while. Hope everyone’s week is going well.



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