Even Better

So I talked to Tillie today and feel a lot better.  We traced most of my problem to boredom, and that includes being bored in class.  Not that I need something new to do, I just need to find a way to keep busy that is also fulfilling. I’m thinking about trying to generate new work using the prompts in one of our text books and try to write myself out of the rut I am in with awful endings to stories.  We will see.

Met Bob for lunch today.  That went well.  I told him I’d talked to Tillie about being bleh and we had worked out some solutions.  So I think that may have reassured him a bit.  We will see.

Still sending out everyday now for the second month in a row.  I’m trying to stay positive and hoping that if I send what I have to enough places that it will stick.  I certainly hope it turns out to be true.  I’ve sent to some opportunities I am truly excited about and think the pieces I’ve sent are a good fit.  I will just have to see.

(You’d think those were my favorite words as often I say them: “we will see”.  But it’s all out of my hands once the words are launched into the ether.  So it’s all I can say about the future.)

I’m also going to try reading more.  Reading books I already have that have inspired me in the past and reading books I have piled up unread.  Maybe that will spark a little creativity as well.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week. I am hoping i can too.


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