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Happy Valentine’s Day

Hope everyone is having themselves a fine Valentine’s Day.  I’m having a lazy one–I am taking it easy and not pushing today.  I am wearing my red for the day and enjoying how that feels–it’s a jacket and top that I had been too fat to wear most of the winter but since I’ve lost some weight, I can actually fit into it.   So that is nice.

I’ve been very sleepy today–I’m not sure why.  I had weird dreams last night but they didn’t exactly keep me up once i woke up from them.  I don’t know what my problem is.

I may soon get another list to continue my other website–we will see if Lisa, my friend from the MFA program, will come through in time with hers.  I hope so.  Even though I’m not getting a lot of readers, I don’t want to let the site die just yet.

WE got Girl Scout cookies in last night. I am trying to ration out how many I eat, but they are so good.

It looks like a pretty day here today–i think it’s supposed to get up to 70’s.  I’m looking forward to nice weather and sunny days.  i love that time of year the most–when it is just warming up after the winter of being cold.  I wish I had the azaleas I had at our old house–they were a wonderful harbinger of spring.   I miss all those flowers  sometimes.

My mood is holding well–I’m listening to Vince Guaraldi and enjoying all the Charlie Brown and Peanuts music as well as his other stuff.  I wish all my days could be like this.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week and a lovely weekend.


Dr. Bishop

So I went to see my psychiatrist today.  He said that everything sounded like it was going well–he said most of my main symptoms seemed to be held at bay at this point.  I reminded him that i was heading for my seasonal danger zone so I would be trying to watch out for anything interesting.  He said that was good.    So I am set for another three months before I see him again.  I see Tillie in two weeks so that will be good to see how I am doing once it hopefully starts warming up a little and maybe I can get out and walk or  ride my bike.

I’ve read all my work for school and am just wondering what I’m going to write for class this week.  I got back the report on my exercise, and my professor liked it except the paragraphs were all the same size and length again. I had already noticed that but didn’t really know what to do about it.  But I’m going to see if there’s any where I can send it and get it out into circulation.

Still excited about my story getting picked up yesterday.  THe editor said she would start working with the manuscript in March (which isn’t too far off) and would contact me further during that time.  So we will see what comes of it all.  The baseball anthology should be coming out soon so I am looking forward to seeing that as well before too long.

I hope everyone else is having a good week.  Keep on keeping on!


Good News!

Got an acceptance letter last night for my novella “Looking for Home”!  It’s been published once online, but the website was closed a while back so I started marketing it again and it found a home in an anthology with Running Wild Press.  No royalties but an upfront payment and a copy along with it, so that is good!  And there is hope for doing more work with the press in the future.  SO I am excited and so needed this breakthrough from God.  Not sure yet when it will be out ,but they sell them on Amazon.

Today is also a red-letter day because my youngest has turned thirteen this morning.  WE had a party for her yesterday with family and will have a birthday party Saturday night with a few of her friends.  SO that is some excitement for the near future.

Not much to do today–I’ll meet Bob for lunch today and Marlo this Friday where I will have fun both times.  I think i get my hair cut next week; I need to check on that.  ANd i have a dentist’s appointment Thursday. Fun fun.

Now I’m going to go let others know about my acceptance.  I am so excited!


Life After Graduation

I am getting a preview of life after graduation. My friend Katrina is going to finish this spring and is starting to kind of panic about what she is going to do when she finishes.  We were just talking on Facebook on what opportunities might be out there.  I hope she can find something good to do that still allows her to write because she does it so well.  ANd she is a lot more savvy with computers and social media than I am; I would think someone wanting to innovate their program would be glad to have her.  But we will see.

I have run errands today–grocery store and Goodwill.  Had the bug man out to spray and talked with him a bit.   Bob came home for lunch and he is having a good day.  It’s raining here but that’s just the way it is in February.  But March is coming up fast and it should warm up by then.  I’m looking forward to it.

(My G key is skipping.  I have to hit it hard to make it type.  I have no idea what the deal is.  It’s been doing it for several days now.)

I have gotten a lot of good feedback about this blog lately.  Apparently I am a good advertisement for the W’s program because some of the new people told me they found my blog and liked the writing they saw and thought well of the W’s program because of it.  I am glad to be inspiring people to write.  I wish I could do more like in the classroom but who knows if I will ever really be able to do that?

Anyway. Hope everyone has a good weekend and stays dry–we’re looking at a lot of wet weather this weekend.  Hopefully it will ease up by Sunday.



Hanging Out

I am just doing my daily things today–commenting in class, sending out a story, doing laundry.  It’s nice and sunny out but I think still a little chilly.  I am feeling pretty good today so that is nice.  I have help coming to clean the house for the party this weekend–which may not be much of a party–my parents aren’t going to make it because of my mom’s back still giving her trouble. So it may just be Bob’s family. But I still want things cleaned up for them so I am working on that later today.

Thanks so much to everyone visiting my blog lately–I’ve had a real uptick in visitors and views over the past few months and am enjoying the idea that maybe I am reaching a wider audience than I used to.  More than ever I think the world needs examples of people with mental illness who are able to manage their symptoms and want to function in society–otherwise we are letting the media define us in ways that are not helpful.   I haven’t always been in this good of a place and I think that  is good news worth celebrating.

My youngest daughter turns 13 Monday, and I think it is soon going to be time to sit down with her and explain bipolar disorder.   She is the only child that did not know me before I was diagnosed bipolar.  The other two remember me beforehand and saw me at my worst when I was undiagnosed and psychotic.  This one was just a baby,  I feel a need to educate her about it from my perspective and what it has been  like for me (within reason–I’m not going to tell her everything just yet).  But that conversation needs to happen soon.  Pray for me that I find the right words to say.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.  I need lunch.



It is pouring down today and a bit cold.  I haven’t even changed out of my pajamas yet because it’s so yucky out I don’t want to leave the house.

I’m still sending out stories and whatnot on a daily basis.  I’ve only got eleven pieces I haven’t published yet so there is a lot of simultaneous submitting going on. I went ahead and sent my piece from MOnday to be graded–I won’t hear from it until next week but I am looking forward to see what my professor says.  Then I can revise it and start sending it out as well.

I did let another writer read it and she liked it.  Like the setting of the scene and the family dynamic I set up.  She was in the program but dropped out when we had all the chaos last semester.  But we have stayed in touch and become writer friends.  So that has been nice.

I think I made our discussion space radioactive with my response to the story.  No one else is talking about it since I posted my 500 words.  I hate being the PC police but it was something that had to be said.

Anyway.  Hope everyone has a good rest of the week.


So Mad

Sigh.  I guess I get to join the ranks of the aggrieved and super-sensitive.  The story we read for class this week was a dystopian future about how people with mental disorders are treated.  Once a boy reaches thirteen or a girl gets her period, they get to go to the local mental facility and pick out a “madman” just like we go to  shelter and pick out a puppy.

Of course it’s set in California and here is the rationale for doing things this way–“The whole idea is that you take in a madman and that teaches you about Facing The Incomprehensible and Understanding Across Difference, and soon we are one big family.” (Cronin 436)

Oh.  It’s all about “understanding diversity”.  Well. That makes it all right then.  Since you mean well, after all, who cares that you’re penning people with brain disorders up so they can be selected for adoption and treated like animals?

I think the author is trying to mean well. (it’s taken a day and a half to even conceive of that sentence).  But as we all know, words have consequences.  Particularly when written and published in literary anthologies.  And the mental patients read like characters out of a horror movie.  It is so  stereotypically done it makes me angry just typing about it.  And I hate being “that person”.  But I couldn’t find any redeeming features in the story what-so-ever.  So I don’t know if I’m even going to do the assignment or not.

Mental illness just isn’t like this, you guys.  I want equal time to respond. But my little blog doesn’t have nearly the readership this anthology does.  And the writing assignment is to NOT react to the content but react to the writing.  I can’t seem to do that yet.




I have another exercise due this week in my writing class so I’ve been working on it all morning.  It’s an exercise out of the book we have so that was interesting.  I’m writing about burnt toast.  🙂  I’m going to need some more inspiration to finish it–I’ve written all I can thus far and need about two hundred more words for the minimum number I have to turn in. But I don’t think it’ll be too hard.

Busy weekend –we went shopping for the youngest one’s birthday party this weekend. I am looking forward to that–she will be thirteen years old.  Such a big girl. She’ll have a friend party the next weekend–she wants a sleepover so we will set up for that.

Don’t know much else to say. I did have some trouble this weekend–I was in church and the service was starting and I just had this terrible wave of anxiety come over me.  I had to sit down and take deep breaths.  I thought I was going to have to go home.  Finally the pastor began to speak and he talked about how much God loves us.  It was such a good word and I needed to hear it so badly.  I think Satan was trying ot make sure I didn’t hear it that day. But i didnt’ let him win.

Hope everyone has  a good week.


Pretty Day

THe sun is out right now and it looks so inviting out. But I can tell sitting next to the window that it;s a little chilly.  Not sure what I need to wear.

I am getting a massage this morning.  I got a gift card for Christmas and I plan to use it today.  Not that I am stressed or anything right now, but maybe it will ease down my lower back achiness when I sit at the computer for a long time. Which I have been doing lately.

Still sending out stuff in the month of February.  I guess I will quit when I can’t find any other mag I want to send to.  I haven’t been getting the rejections in a rush yet–but i have so many left over from what I sent out last year that I know it’s coming :).

I guess I will go get ready to get out.  Hope everyone has a good weekend and a happy February.



WEnt out to eat with Mary Jane.  We had a good time talking and went upstairs to the bookstore and looked around and talked about books.  We had a really good time–we always do when we get together.   We’ve been friends for so long now but we are very different in so many ways. We have opposite tastes in everything–from clothes to shoes to jewelry to what we read.  But we still get along so well it’s really fun to still  be friends.

Talked to Bob last night about how frustrated I felt.  I think he understands why all of this bothers me but just doesn’t know what to tell me about it.  I know he wants me to be happy just doing the house-and-mom stuff but understands that I’m not.  And I did finally get some things accomplished yesterday so it wasn’t a total waste of a day.  I am still sending out work every day and that is one thing keeping me going is the hope that I will strike pay dirt at some point.  But a year is a long time to continue to do that.

But we will  see how everything goes. I know God is listening to me pray about it because I did get some hope for how well my blog seems to be doing lately so I know I am reaching people. That’s what I’m going for anyway.

Hope everyone has a good start to their weekend.