Pretty Day

Finally stopped raining and we have a sunny day.  Hope the weather holds up through tomorrow so I can travel well to the MPA conference in Jackson. I went this morning and picked up registration papers and whatnot but couldn’t stay for any of the readings because I might not beat my youngest back home and get her to dance on time if I did. SO i just mingled for a bit and then just came back.

I’m continuing to send out work now in my third month.  Still waiting to hear from lots of people but that is the way it works.  We will see how things go.

I want to go to sleep but it is too sunny out for that.  I may go for a walk.  I’m not sure.  I just want to do a little something today to say that I accomplished something good for myself.  The Girl Scout cookies keep calling my name today and I don’t need to eat any more today or I will make myself sick.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.  All my girls will be home this weekend so that will be fun.  We’ll go to the bookstore and then out to dinner at Table 100 that night.


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