So I Didn’t Win

I did not win out over my anxiety and suicidal thinking so I wound up back in the hospital Tuesday night in the ER,  I had finally gotten an appointment with my doctor n Wednesday but could not wait that long to see him.  So I went in and got admitted to the intermediate ward.  I’ll write more about it in the days to come as I’m able to process more about it–I’m still adjusting to getting back home and getting my bearings. Just wanted to let everyone know where I had been all this time.




2 thoughts on “So I Didn’t Win

  1. When the blog posts stopped and I didn’t see you Wednesday night, I had a pretty good idea where you might be. Have been praying accordingly.


    • Thanks so much for praying. Things got a little rough for a while, but I’m much better now. We won’t be there tonight because we’re getting ready for a trip. But thanks again.


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