Went back into treatment today and had a good day.  Nothing too intense–had an interesting yoga session with a fellow in the class that had never done anything like tht in his life before, so that was interesting to observe.  I can’t say much about what goes on in groups because of confidentiality rules, so you’re not going to hear much about that other than what I uncover if anything on a particular day.

I don’t go tomorrow because school is out for my youngest, so I will be taking care of her tomorrow. Hopefully she will let me sleep in some and then we can go shop for my sister a birthday present for this weekend. I looked at a gift shop yesterday and couldn’t find anything I really liked that I thought she would like.  So the youngest and I will shop tomorrow,

Got part of my schoolwork done last night and plan to finish the rest of it tonight at some point.  I’m not sending thing sout anymore because it takes a lot of time to look up new stuff to send to and I just don’t have that time right now.  So the streak is over and I will just have to see what comes of what I’ve been able to send out so far. My piece on the Texas disability site had finally gone live yesterday so that was nice to be able to announce.

I need to wake up–we did relaxation today and I am very sleepy.



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