Behind Already

i am starting off the week behind–I haven’t done my reading for class yet and it’s already late on Monday.  And I don’t feel motivated still to do it.  I did do my writing exercise–again I made it close to creative nonfiction.  We had to tell a story backwards and I’m not sure I made the timeline work well enough.  I’m going to show it to my classmates and see what they think if we get another open thread to do so in.

I do know what’s going to be my final project–it will be my workshop pieces put together.  I have revised the second half a good bit and the entire thing is under 8,000 words, which she said was the upper, upper limit of what she would read.  But I will check with her and make sure that’s okay.

I just have a little while to hold out and make it to the end of the semester on May 5 I think.  Otherwise I might withdraw since I am going to be so behind if I don’t get with it.  I guess this is all just hangover from my depressive episode.  I don’t think I will take a summer class like I had thought I would.  I will wait and see how I feel and when I get discharged from Psycamore.

So tired.  Of everything. I just want to feel like myself again.



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