So today was a lot of talk about loss in my individual therapy session.  WE explored some the idea that I had lost more than a son when my youngest was born–since I had gotten depressed and  manic and had to drop my writing that it was a loss of identity as well.  So that was interesting to explore.  I knew I had mourned losing my career but had thought it was in the past by now, but my therapist said that it might have been brought back up by my not teaching this semester and that might have triggered this most recent loss of control.  So we talked about that.  That was a worthwhile conversation, I think.

The rest of the groups went well.  I took a screening tool for people who had been through child abuse and one section, whatever it represents, I really subscribed to it–there were 15 questions in it and I responded positively to 13 of them.  I’m interested to see what the results of it are all about.  I should hear about it tomorrow.

I guess I need to wind up so my and my youngest can go to church.  Bob’s not going since he is still getting over being sick yesterday.  He’s just going to come home instead of meeting us for dinner at church.  We will see how it all goes.




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