Ripped Off

My bumper, that is.  I had parked my car up close to a curb at my treatment center and my bumper stuck on the curb this afternoon and ripped clean off my car. I couldn’t fit it into my car so one of the guys with an SUV put it in his back end and followed me to the body shop, where they said they should get to it tomorrow before noon.  So I may get to go to treatment tomorrow, I may not.  Bob says he can’t take me to it tomorrow; they’re too busy for him to take out tomorrow and take me there.  I’m just glad my daughter left on her trip today and didn’t need me to be at home in time to catch her off the bus.

Now I have a headache. We can’t put it on the insurance so we’ll pay out of pocket and no idea how much it will cost. I feel so stupid having done it.  I don’t know what I could have done differently to prevent it.  Just bad news all the way around.  I’m trying to do the right things and things feel like they are spinning out of control for me.  Hopefully I can get something worked out.

I have the CPC event tonight and I hope that will calm me down somehow or at least make me forget about it all for a while. I really don’t want to go–I feel horrible.  But Bob said I could take his car tonight so I suppose I will do that.

Hopefully I can somehow get my car back and go to treatment tomorrow at least for the afternoon.   I will pray hard on it tonight. Maybe they can even be done with it before  10 so I will make it there on time.  Hope everyone else has a better day than me.



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