I’m still awake this morning which is good. I’m working on laundry and did my art project for Psycamore so I can present it at some point.  It’s a graveyard of losses in my life and how I have come to terms with them.  So we will see how it goes when I present it. I’m nervous about still talking about all this stuff.   But the idea is to come to terms with unresolved grief and so I am hoping this will help that.

I talk to my individual therapist at Psycamore today and will see how my epiphany might work in the broader scheme of things.  The more I think about it, the more sense it makes.  But we will see what the professionals have to say about it.

My oldest comes in today from college.  She talked about her date last night with her boyfriend–they’re not going to see each other for a good while–he said he’ll come to Disney to see her at least once but not sure when. SO they had a bittersweet night together. I think the separation will be good for them–she will learn if she can make it without him or not.  So i think depending on her job situation this will either make or break them as a couple.  But it’s her life and not mine so we will see  what kinds of decisions she will make.


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