Yesterday in treatment I went through my “cemetery” assignment, which was to draw a map of sorts of the losses in my life and talk about each one.  It was kind of nerve wracking in telling everything that’s happened in my life over again but if it was able to help someone else, then I am fine with it.  We were supposed to talk about losses such as deaths in the family, important things we lost, lost times in our lives, etc.  So I put flowers on the graves of people and all the events just got tombstones.

So when I got through presenting it, I folded it up and trashed it as a symbolic gesture of letting go of the losses.  Hopefully everything that I have explored can now be at rest in my life and I can move on. If not, I can explore it with Tillie in therapy this summer and put it to rest.

I am still praying about trusting God in all things.  I need to go to my OBGYN and have a mammogram done just for my peace of mind.  I don’t have any symptoms but Just since ti hasn’t been done in a while, I need to do it.

The house is a wreck with the oldest one’s luggage everywhere.  She is trying to sort it to pack for Disney and it is spilling out of her room to all over the house. Add the regular chaos to that and the house looks like a tornado hit it.  And the middle one sent a truckload of things home with her dad Saturday so i is all over the place as well where we could not fit it into her room.  So it’s going to be worse next week once she brings the rest of hers home.  Sigh.  But there is a plan to get it all straightened out, so that makes me feel good.  Most of June is going to be a little chaotic but I will get most of it back in July when the middle one goes back to Mississippi State.

Hope everyone is having a good start to the week.





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