Finally talked to Bob Friday night about what he said Wednesday.  I was very calm and just said that what he said made me feel like I was out on bail.  He said he didn’t mean that–he didnt’ mean anything negative by it and he was sorry I had heard that.  I told him why that had been the message I heard and he said he understood.  But I had finally gotten better and realized that this whole episode was the kind of test I needed–was I going to put my trust in man or in God for my thoughts about my self-worth?  I had settled on God before I even talked to Bob–that’s why I was able to talk so calmly to him, I think.

My middle one leaves for England tomorrow for six weeks of study abroad and Then the oldest goes off.  So we are looking forward to some change from that front.  This time may be the last one before they are all scattered for good–the oldest wants to be in Florida full-time with Disney World and the middle one really enjoyed her co-op experience in Georgia.  So we may meet in the middle in Tallahassee for visits and such.

I go treatment tomorrow and  Wednesday and “graduate” Wednesday afternoon. I will be glad to get my time back all to myself and enjoy it with my oldest before she leaves. I may work her during her last week checking on cleaning out the rest of the house.  We have a plan for getting a lot of things cleaned up this Friday and what we don’t do then I may make both the girls who are home work on what’s left.  We will see,


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