Graduation from Therapy

So I finished therapy today in my outpatient program.  Had a bit of a gathering to celebrate with everyone in the program and all the therapists in the same room–we talked about my progress and about how I had come through the program and what kinds of insights I had been having as the results of the therapy and that was cool to talk  about.  It’s designed to give the new people hope for the future so that is why they have everybody come and  participate.

I got a bracelet with the words “Can Do–Get Through” and a keychain medal with the sycamore tree and the same slogan on it so those were nice tokens to remember everything by,  It’s going to be weird to get up tomorrow morning and not go over there.  I will miss the people I got to know so that will be sad. But it’s going to be good from here on out I think.  I will have Tillie to go see and plan to try to see her weekly throughout the summer.

So high hopes for the future and what is coming down the pike.  Hope everyone else has a good rest of the week.


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