Good Weekend

I have had a good weekend–my youngest is back home from my parents’ house and from what we’ve been emailed, the middle one is having a good time in Oxford, England.  The oldest is still packing to get ready to leave for Disney World and we are helping as we can.

It was five years ago right in the latter part of this month that I finally made Jesus lord of my life, and I got a timely reminder to remember that time in this Sunday’s sermon, about remembering times of God’s grace and deliverance.  I remember that I gave Bob a engraved Swiss watch for our twentieth anniversary and told him I had meant for it be a reminder of  our time together, but that now it would be a marker of how long we had to now spend eternity together in heaven.  SO I have been celebrating that milestone e in a quiet way all day long and am so very grateful that I did not run out of time before I made this change.

I’ve tried so hard to stay awake today and have largely succeeded. I had a hard time getting up but we got to church on time and had a good presentation by a missionary to Mexico in our Sunday School class.  SO that was good as well.

I Have had a good mood today—I feel a lot better than I have in a while.  I am going to pack this week and get my stuff ready to go to Disney early so I can help my oldest later in the week. We have Bob home tomorrow for the holiday and plan to go to see the latest Avengers movie.  SO I am looking forward to that.

Be sure to pop over to YouTube to see my vlog for this week, and stay tuned for more of those as the weeks progress.  Someone suggested I spend the summer picking up a new skill, so I am experimenting with the video app on my computer to do these.  I’m not going for any production awards, but I will be winging it mostly, just like I do these blogg posts.  Thanks for reading and now viewing!



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