Just About Ready

to go on my trip.  I just need to pick up a bottle of medication and gas the car up before we go this afternoon. I’m so looking forward to it.

When we get back I need to start getting ready for school in earnest–ordering my books and redoing my syllabus.  I am going to add in five new authors on my syllabus and need to select them as soon as I can and add them in at the end.

My middle one is getting sick and has gone out after a Dayquil/Nyquil combo pack to get her well this weekend–I hope it works for her.  She sounds scratchy.

My small one is reading for a little while this morning and we will see how long she sticks to it before asking if she can quit :).  I have in mind how long I want her to read but will wait and see how long it takes her to remember that she doesn’t like to do it and ask :).

My mood  is holding stable and I think things are going really well in that department.  I have been in the Word a lot since I got out of Psycamore and I think that reading it is helping me get an eternal perspective on things instead of just a day-to-day, getting-through-the day mindset.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!




on laundry to finish so I can finish packing for the trip.  I think we’re going to have a good time on it.  We don’t have really solid plans but do plan to visit a bunch of the antebellum homes and see what we can see there.

Busy day so far but about to slow down.  I took my youngest to the dentist and she had a good checkup, then I took them both out to eat at Kismet’s and we had fun doing that.  My youngest has been cleaning out her closet and had done a really good job of it working by herself.  My middle one is getting ready to go back to Mississippi State and has just about got her stuff reorganized for that.  So it’s been good.

We may get our office quicker than we thought–my middle one is planning to get an unfurnished apartment next spring with her best friend for high school and said she would go ahead and move her stuff out of her room if she did.  SO that will be good to   do next spring–buy Bob a new desk for one side of the room and me a desk on the other, get some filing cabinets, then a sleeper sofa  and it will be really nice to work in.

Hope everyone has a good weekend–I know I plan to.  Thanks for reading!


Preparing for Trip

Trying to get ready for our anniversary trip to Natchez this weekend–I’m doing laundry and getting my clothes together.  Bob reminded me that we’ll have to dress for dinner so I am taking my favorite dress on the trip.  I have the rest of my clothes picked out but have to get them clean first.  I think we’re going to have a good time eating, looking around, and touring houses.

Other than that it’s a slow day. I went and got my hair cut and colored so I have been out early. I dont’ know of anything else we have to do today–I need to go pick up medicine and so will do that after lunch.  ANd there’s church tonight.  But otherwise it will be a restful afternoon.

My mood is holding steady so far this week. I am looking forward to the trip a lot and hope it all goes well and is a real bonding experience for us.  We’ve been talking about the future–a lot of it depends on what happens with Bob’s company in the next few months.  But that was an encouraging conversation–he may get to retire early and us travel around with me working part of the year at residencies and being here part of the year. But we will have to see.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week!



Still Walking

in healing today!  No more trouble out of my knees on stairs in the house.  I am still amazed at what God did for me.  I am so happy to be pain free.

(Be sure to check out the full details on my healing on my YouTube channel “Julie Whitehead”)

Been busy today,  Went and bought Bob’s birthday present early this morning and settled what I am giving him for everything coming up.  Then I took my youngest and her friend to the pool before lunch and let them swim for a while.  Then I went and voted in our congressional run-off and now I am settled down and eating lunch as I type.

TOday is mine and Bob’s 25th wedding anniversary. We are going to Natchez to celebrate this weekend at the bed-and-breakfast that we went to on our honeymoon so that is going to be exciting.  I’m looking forward to the trip.  I’ll pack for it this week and be ready when we leave Friday afternoon.  We’ve had such a good run with a few bumps along the way, but we are still here and having fun together.

Hope everyone is having a good start to their week.   I know I am!



A bit of background. My knees have been giving me trouble for about two and a half years. I had an MRI done on my right one and it showed weakness in the kneecap. I started favoring it and naturally, the other one started giving me trouble. I haven’t been able to do stairs naturally without pain for this long. My knees would creak on every stair I took.

Yesterday I went to church and suddenly during worshipping Jesus, BAM! my right knee completely cuts out. I have to sit down. I started praying to Jesus for it to stop hurting. It did somewhat, but I stayed sitting for a while. Brother David Jett started preaching about miracles. I felt the pain completely dissipate. I told Bob at the invitation that I was going to go pray–I didn’t tell him what about.

As I started down the steps I went down them naturally. A little clicking, no pain. I kept going. The clicking stopped. I went and spoke with Brother Jon Graef and told him I had been healed in my knees on my way down to pray. We praised God right there and I told Brother David Jett after service.

I am completely pain free with no clicking of the knee joints at all with no medical intervention. PRAISE THE ONE WHO PAID MY DEBT AND RAISED THIS LIFE UP FROM THE DEAD!

(Check out my vlog on YouTube un the channel “Julie Whitehead” where I fill in more details.  Thanks to all who read and walk away praising God!)

So VERY Sleepy

I just now woke up worth anything. I got up earlier, ate breakfast, read my Bible, and just went back to bed.  Now I’m eating lunch, such as it is.

Daye like this I hate myself.   I have so much to be thankful for and have been blessed by, but I’m not even motivated to get out of bed and enjoy it.

My middle one comes home tomorrow and we are all looking forward to that.  I imagine she’ll sleep a while when she gets in because of jet lag.  But she’ll be here about two weeks so that will be good.

I need to go grocery shopping for the weekend.  I need to figure out what I am fixing to eat for everything.  I don’t really have any good ideas right now.

Pray tha I’ll wake up at some point.  Maybe I just need a Coke. We will see.


Not Writing

I seem to have reached an impasse with my writing.  I haven’t written anything substantive since my class was over in May except what I’ve written here on the blog.  I knew once I discovered where my obsessions stem from that I might not ever write fiction again, but now I am frozen up on all kinds of writing. But I at the same time feel kind of at peace about it. I still want to finish my degree so I can teach, but I may not write again after my thesis.  I still want to publish my thesis so I  can reach people with a message of hope.  And I want to keep this blog going.  But I Just don’t have the driving desire to write that I used to have. I miss it. But It may be for the best.  I don’t know.

My middle one gets home day after tomorrow.  I am excited to hear about her trip.  I know she enjoyed it because of the happy emails she has sent us.  We will see how late she comes in Saturday.  She’ll probably want to go straight to bed.  But that will be okay.

Well, I’m going to grab some lunch and see what else the day holds.  Hope everyone has a good end of the week and a good weekend.


Another Wednesday

I go see a dermatologist today about how my psoriasis is spreading on my neck and see if he has any medications for it. I have to go early so that is why I am still awake even though Bob has left.  I am so sleepy.

Terrie called late last night–she has been told by one of the chefs in charge that she definitely would be hired on full time after her internship was up.  So tha was exciting for her and a nice compliment for no longer than she’s been in the kitchen with them.

I am yawning  so much.  I coughed again some last night and didn’t sleep well.  So that was the way last night went.   Long, long day ahead.

Maybe I can get a nap this afternoon.  Hope everyone is having a good week and looking forward to the weekend!


I go see the dentist this morning, Tillie this afternoon, and the dermatologist tomorrow morning.  So I am busy today,  That will help me though not be so bored, etc.

I made another recording for my vlog and put it up yesterday,  Check out the channel “Julie Whitehead” on YouTube and catch my latest broadcast about my day to day life with bipolar disorder.

I am sleepy this morning but up and doing.  Read my Bible and checked on all my message places and looked on Facebook.  Candy and Christy are here working so we are talking on and off as I type.  I love these girls and how much help they are to me.

I need to work over my syllabus and revise it for this fall.  Then send it over to be copied and all at MC.  I will need to run over there at some point then and pick them up and meet with the lady to set my class up in Moodle, the online interface.  So I have things coming up to do in July.

I guess I wil go get ready to leave for my dental appointment.  Hope everyone has a good day today!

Another Monday

I am around to hear from Tillie about my appointment tomorrow.  I’m having to rearrange it since a dental appointment has come up at the same time.  Not looking forward to that then.

My youngest is cat-sitting this week for our neighbors while they are on a trip.  She runs over and feeds the cat while they are gone.  She will play with it for a little bit them come back.  I thinks she likes cats.

I coughed again last night so I did not sleep well.  So frustrating to still be coughing after that reflux attack last week.  I;ve been sucking on cough drops and taking cough meds so I don’t know how else to control it.  I am so sleepy.

I need to go to the grocery store this morning.  Bob must be in a meeting since he  hasn’t called yet.  I will need to get ready and leave after I finish writing and see what I can accomplish.

My middle one comes hoe this coming weekend. I am looking forward to that.  Then in about two weeks she will go back to State and take courses for the last summer semester.

My mood is improving slowly as I wake up.  Hopefully it will be better when I make my recording this morning. Everyone have a great rest of the week and a good Monday to start it off.