So we got back Saturday afternoon from our trip to Disney.  I really did enjoy it ecept for the last day at Disney–I was very footsore and tired from all the walking.  But we still managed to enjoy everything we rode or saw  We got my oldest settled into her apartment with four other girls who have all been there for a while.  So we will see how her grand adventure goes.

I held up pretty well getting everything done and leaving her.  I’m mainly just praying that she can successfully complete the training and get a job there. If that’s the Lord’s will for her, that is.  So here’s hoping and praying.

I have an appointment tomorrow with Tillie hopefully I wont’ forget about.  We’re going to spend today cleaning and see how that goes.  My younget is signed up to dance three days a week this summer until the last competition.  So we will see how that goes.

Hope everyone has a good start to the rest of the week.



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