I go see the dentist this morning, Tillie this afternoon, and the dermatologist tomorrow morning.  So I am busy today,  That will help me though not be so bored, etc.

I made another recording for my vlog and put it up yesterday,  Check out the channel “Julie Whitehead” on YouTube and catch my latest broadcast about my day to day life with bipolar disorder.

I am sleepy this morning but up and doing.  Read my Bible and checked on all my message places and looked on Facebook.  Candy and Christy are here working so we are talking on and off as I type.  I love these girls and how much help they are to me.

I need to work over my syllabus and revise it for this fall.  Then send it over to be copied and all at MC.  I will need to run over there at some point then and pick them up and meet with the lady to set my class up in Moodle, the online interface.  So I have things coming up to do in July.

I guess I wil go get ready to leave for my dental appointment.  Hope everyone has a good day today!


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