Not Writing

I seem to have reached an impasse with my writing.  I haven’t written anything substantive since my class was over in May except what I’ve written here on the blog.  I knew once I discovered where my obsessions stem from that I might not ever write fiction again, but now I am frozen up on all kinds of writing. But I at the same time feel kind of at peace about it. I still want to finish my degree so I can teach, but I may not write again after my thesis.  I still want to publish my thesis so I  can reach people with a message of hope.  And I want to keep this blog going.  But I Just don’t have the driving desire to write that I used to have. I miss it. But It may be for the best.  I don’t know.

My middle one gets home day after tomorrow.  I am excited to hear about her trip.  I know she enjoyed it because of the happy emails she has sent us.  We will see how late she comes in Saturday.  She’ll probably want to go straight to bed.  But that will be okay.

Well, I’m going to grab some lunch and see what else the day holds.  Hope everyone has a good end of the week and a good weekend.



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