Preparing for Trip

Trying to get ready for our anniversary trip to Natchez this weekend–I’m doing laundry and getting my clothes together.  Bob reminded me that we’ll have to dress for dinner so I am taking my favorite dress on the trip.  I have the rest of my clothes picked out but have to get them clean first.  I think we’re going to have a good time eating, looking around, and touring houses.

Other than that it’s a slow day. I went and got my hair cut and colored so I have been out early. I dont’ know of anything else we have to do today–I need to go pick up medicine and so will do that after lunch.  ANd there’s church tonight.  But otherwise it will be a restful afternoon.

My mood is holding steady so far this week. I am looking forward to the trip a lot and hope it all goes well and is a real bonding experience for us.  We’ve been talking about the future–a lot of it depends on what happens with Bob’s company in the next few months.  But that was an encouraging conversation–he may get to retire early and us travel around with me working part of the year at residencies and being here part of the year. But we will have to see.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week!




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