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Me and the youngest finally got to the beauty shop today to get our haircuts and me my color put on.  I was supposed to go Friday but was too sick to go.  SO I went today and took her and Holly was able to squeeze her in between appointments.  So we both feel better having that done before school starts.

Saw Tillie yesterday and that went well.  We have a busy week scheduled–my mom and dad are coming down tomorrow to for him to see a doctor and then to go out to lunch with me and the youngest, then Thursday Janet wants to take her out to spend the day and me and Bob are planning lunch somewhere while they are gone.   Thursday night is Open House for school, then we only have Friday thru Monday left until she starts school.  So it is just about over for summer vacation.

I dont’ start school until the August 22nd for teaching and August 23 for my class in playwriting,  I am looking forward to that. SO I will have some down time to myself before I get going with my job. We will see how it all goes

I am feeling so much better I am tempted to take on more classes and give up my disability check just to see how it goes.  But I’m scared to at the same time. I may need to wait and see how my recovery holds until I finish school myself.  Then let it go for a few years until my official retirement age.  I’m not sure just yet.

WEll, I hope everyone has a good week and keeps checking in here for more information on bipolar disorder.  Thanks for reading!




Good Morning!

Hello! We are up early this morning to go to school and do paperwork for the start of the school year.  I meant to do it early Friday but was too sick. So that is the way that went.

We had a good weekend–my youngest came home late Friday and had a good time at the church function she went to so that was good.  I recovered well from my stomach bug so that has gone well as well.

I had a bit of a dicey time–I went off my meds while I was so sick because I didn’t think I could keep them down.  I didn’t get back on them until Sunday.  But I made it fine and didn’t have any kind of episode or anything–just didn’t sleep well without the Trazodone.

WEll, I need to run and get gone. I see Tillie today so I can’t spend all morning at line at the school so I need to get there early.  Hope everyone has a great beginning to their week.



I’ve been sick since about 2 a.m. with an upset stomach and just now finally feel up tp typing.  I had such a full day planned and had to cancel it all.  And I can’t eat.  So I am feeling extremely crummy today.  I wont’ go into details, but I’ve been good and sick.

So I am going to wrap this up quickly so I can go back to bed and rest some more.  Hope everyone has a good weekend,


Up Early

So I am awake early so I can take my youngest to her church event at 9 a.m.   I feel good being up on time and not dragging along so much as usual. Maybe school starting soon won’t be so hard on me.

Speaking of which, I am teaching this fall–I have a full class thus far but we will see how many we have left by the end of September. I’m not going to be hard on them I don’t think, but I am going to demand they do the readings as homework and state that demand early on so there is no confusion.  We will see how many weed themselves out.

I am getting better.  The past two days I haven’t gone back to sleep in the afternoon.  I’ve kept myself busy doing stuff.  Not big stuff, but little stuff, like laundry and what not.  And I’ve been writing on a new project I’m really excited about so that has kept me busy as well.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week and a good weekend.  Keep praying for me as I try to get better and better every day.


Trying to Stay Positive

Trying to keep on the positive side.  My youngest is home but getting ready to ship out again, this time with the church. She is looking forward to this event and I hope it makes a difference in her life for having gone.

I got my meds refilled so I did that correctly. Just trying to do what all I’m supposed to do. I need to swap the laundry around and get to work on it more this afternoon.

My friends up in Ohio finally caught a break–my friend’s wife had lost her job, and she’s already found a new one right off the bat.  So they can continue to have insurance to treat his colon cancer.  I’ve been praying for them for months that things would start to turn around, and it looks like they have.  God is so good.

I need to get back to writing this morning–Ive been goofing off with my youngest but now she is absorbed in her book so I can type for a while.  Hope everyone has a good rest of the week!


Things Can Be Better

Bob and I met some friends for dinner last night and had the best time talking and eating.  WE really enjoyed seeing them and just talking about what was going on in our lives.  SO that was a good ending to my empty day yesterday.

I’m up earlier than usual this morning trying to get some things done before I go to the grocery store.  I am SO sleepy though.  THe temptation is always to go back to bed.

I’ve about finished my silly little story about the incompetent assassin.  He’s a good shot but not good at the espionage part of things.  I hope people can see that it’s supposed to be funny so I’m wondering what to title it so as to telegraph that right off the bat.  I’m just not great with titles.  But I wrote something.  I’m just hanging on to that victory right now.

My youngest comes back this afternoon so we will see how that goes.  She has had a goo time I think–gone to church for Camp Meeting every night and I think she enjoyed that.

Well, if I’m  going to get anything done I need to get moving.  Thanks so much for teading and following along as I keep on living this bipolar life.