Good Time

was had by all in Natchez.  We just visited historical sites and interesting places and took it easy the rest of the time. I’m certainly glad my knees healed in that I was able to take the stairs and look at so many interesting things.  Our B&B we were at had no elevator so we were on the second floor and had to take steps, which didn’t hurt me!  It was hard to remember to take them normally because I got so used to doing them the other way.  But we enjoyed ourselves and I think did something really good for our relationship as well. (Check out my vlog for more details if you like on YouTube under the channel “Julie Whitehead”)

Came back to two happy campers which was nice also.   The girls got along well in the time we were gone and spent some time with their grandfather too, which was good. No fighting or anything that we know of so we feel good about that as well.

Came back to news of my novella–the release date has been pushed to November 1 which is okay with me.  I’m looking forward to seeing it and I’m supposed to receive payment sometime this week so that is good as well.  Now if I could just get something else accepted soon I would be very happy with that.

Hope everyone has a good  start to their week.

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