Feels Like Monday

I dont’ know what is going on, but I am sleepy and tired all over again.  I want to go back to sleep and see if it helps me perk up for tonight.  I don’t know.

Not much going on today.  I went to see Tillie for therapy today and didnt’ really talk about anything impactful–we’re moving to every other week so that is a good thing I think.  I suppose she thinks I am making progress.

I really do feel like a slug.  I want to go back to bed.  I actually woke up with Bob this morning but didn’t get up good until a little after seven-thirty.  I just want to see something fun to do.  I have things I need to do but nothing really fun on the horizon to look forward to.

My youngest read another book and got another prize so that was nice.  I hope she is starting to enjoy reading more–she is certainly not protesting it like she used to.

Hopefully everyone can have a safe and happy Fourth of July.  Thanks for reading!


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