Good Day So Far

Went to see Dr. Bishop this morning–said I was doing fairly well.  He renewed all my prescriptions and we talked for a bit.  Told him I’m looking forward to school and what not.  And I am in a way.   I just wish I could feel better about my chances with my writing.  I got a big rejection today that I was halfway expecting since I hadn’t heard anything around mid-July.  So that was a bit grim.  But I am trying to stay positive and seeing what more I can do.

Took my youngest shopping for a new purse for the school year–all of hers are small and she wanted something larger with more pockets to take to school this year.  So we did that and also bought a wedding present for a shower I’m going to Sunday.  SO we’ve accomplished a lot today all before lunch.

I go back to my dermatologist tomorrow and my skins has cleared up with the steroid cream so that will be a good report.  I just need to keep washing my hair and staying up with that treatment.  That’s difficult since I am so out of the habit of washing my hair every day. But I’m getting better.

Hope everyone has a good end to their week and is looking forward to a good weekend.  We will see how it all turns out.  Happy Thursday!



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