Good Morning!

Hello! We are up early this morning to go to school and do paperwork for the start of the school year.  I meant to do it early Friday but was too sick. So that is the way that went.

We had a good weekend–my youngest came home late Friday and had a good time at the church function she went to so that was good.  I recovered well from my stomach bug so that has gone well as well.

I had a bit of a dicey time–I went off my meds while I was so sick because I didn’t think I could keep them down.  I didn’t get back on them until Sunday.  But I made it fine and didn’t have any kind of episode or anything–just didn’t sleep well without the Trazodone.

WEll, I need to run and get gone. I see Tillie today so I can’t spend all morning at line at the school so I need to get there early.  Hope everyone has a great beginning to their week.


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