Me and the youngest finally got to the beauty shop today to get our haircuts and me my color put on.  I was supposed to go Friday but was too sick to go.  SO I went today and took her and Holly was able to squeeze her in between appointments.  So we both feel better having that done before school starts.

Saw Tillie yesterday and that went well.  We have a busy week scheduled–my mom and dad are coming down tomorrow to for him to see a doctor and then to go out to lunch with me and the youngest, then Thursday Janet wants to take her out to spend the day and me and Bob are planning lunch somewhere while they are gone.   Thursday night is Open House for school, then we only have Friday thru Monday left until she starts school.  So it is just about over for summer vacation.

I dont’ start school until the August 22nd for teaching and August 23 for my class in playwriting,  I am looking forward to that. SO I will have some down time to myself before I get going with my job. We will see how it all goes

I am feeling so much better I am tempted to take on more classes and give up my disability check just to see how it goes.  But I’m scared to at the same time. I may need to wait and see how my recovery holds until I finish school myself.  Then let it go for a few years until my official retirement age.  I’m not sure just yet.

WEll, I hope everyone has a good week and keeps checking in here for more information on bipolar disorder.  Thanks for reading!




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