Gave The Test

Today in my class I gave the first test of the year. I haven’t looked at it but will see what I can do with it later today, this weekend, etc.  I have reading to still do for next week for class and the chapter is hard slogging.  Very theoretical at this point.  But that is how it works until I get a routine going.

Got a busy day ahead–laundry, reading, other stuff in the house.  I will try to not sleep today since yesterday afternoon put me  so behnd.  But I will catch up.  I don’t see any problem with that.

We’re going to the game tonight for the high school and then will watch the State game on TV.  Then my middle child is coming across for Labor Day so that will be fun to have her in the house. Then we eat with some friends on Labor Day evening for dinner.  So it will be busier than usual around here,

We will see how it all works out.  Hope everyone has a good long weekend and a good Labor Day Monday!

PS Five more views and I beat last year’s figure in August.  Pass around a link of mine you enjoy and put me over the top!





Feeling Good

Of course, sleeping in for three hours should make anyone feel good. 🙂  I was so tired when I woke up this morning and I didn’t have any Coke to wake me up so that was the way that went.

I just beat the rain back from the grocery store so that was serendipitous.  Glad of that.

I had a godsend of a message last night from our pastor.  He preached on submission in marriage and the husband’s equal responsibility to love his wife.  I plan to outline some of the points to Bob if he pulls that card about my writing.

Talked to my oldest last night–the Epcot Food and Wine Festival starts today and she was nervous.  I hope it all goes well for her working it.  She is learning a lot and doing pretty well at keeping her temper. (When she really wants to sound off she calls us instead).

WEll, I need to run and start reading some more in earnest for class and for the book review. And my Bible.  So I will be busy the rest of the day,  Hope everyone has a good rest of the week!


Test Upcoming

I have a test for my Brit Lit class–we went over all the particulars of that today.  I wonder how they will do.  I will find out Friday.  Not hard to grade the objective section, but have to read all the essay questions to see if they understood them and how well they write.

I need to get my own school work done soon–probably this afternoon I will type up my response to the discussion question.  Depends on if I get more interested in this review book I am reading.

I got the book on bipolar hypergraphia Monday.  I need to read it, too, soon so I will be ready for my talk with Tillie. I need to let Bob know I have it too so he can read it if he is so inclined.  I hope he will so he can understand what it is and not just go on what he has experienced with me.

I so hope Bob and I can resolve things without acrimony.  I want to be  obedient to God and do what I feel is his will for my life, but I’m afraid he won’t listen to that argument.  My pastor said to tell him that if he’s going to thwart me in that, that the consequences will be on his head, not  mine.  I so hope it doesn’t come down to that.

Just pray for us as we try to work this out.



I’m so tired this morning.  But I am staying awake.

Had a class conference and all yesterday.  It took forever to get into it but I got there in time and everyone else that came  was late. And only two other people showed up.  SO I’m thinking this does not bode well for class participation.  But we will see.

All that cleaning yesterday and Bob did not say a word about it.  It makes me not believe him when he says he wants more done in the house.  Very frustrating.

My father-in-law is having trouble after his surgery–he is throwing off blood clots that are blocking up his plumbing after they scraped a cancer off his bladder. It’s been stressful for everyone seeing what is going on.

Well, I hope that everyone has a good start to their week and enjoys it.  We will just keep on keeping on over here.




I’ve been working today.  I had Candy and Christy out to help me calm down the pockets of chaos in the house and now my house looks good.  I went to class this morning and managed to read some of the book Atticus Finch, The Biography. I’m reviewing it for the New Orleans Review of Books and need to get into it and finish it.

I got in from teaching and barely had time to eat lunch when they came over, so now is the first time I’ve been able to sit and type.  I am trying to cut down on my screen time so I am not taking my computer to MC and working on anything there.  I am trying to read and talk to people there and get some new and helpful contacts to try and get my career going there if that is where the Lord leads.  We will have to see.

I feel like I need a nap.  I suppose that is the Trileptal working on me.  I have a conference tonight at 5 p.m. and will need to feed myself and Rachel before hand and Bob afterwards. Hopefully it won’t take long.  We’re all supposed to meet-and-greet according to the professor so that surely won’t take long.  I’m going to wait on sending my tuition until Bob and I talk to Tillie in case he has decided I need to stop classes.  He hasn’t said that, but he may after this talk .

I just don’t know what to do except pray that his heart will soften to me and he can see where he can help me instead of hurt me.




So what I have been struggling with this week is with the idea that I might have a rare symptom of bipolar called hypergraphia–the obsessive urge to write.  It called into question for me whether I actually have a talent for writing or just an obsession ot put words down on a page.  I saw my psychiatrist about it with a set of notes from Bob about what this acts like when it happens.

I have no doubt my explosion of creative writing after my youngest daughter’s birth was hypergraphia.  And I think it has attacked me other times.  But I don’t believe my writing is always an expression of my disease.  Dr. Bishop decided to add Trilepital to my medications to quell mania and obsessive thinking–he said it targets temporal lobe activity.  Which is where hypergraphia grows from.  SO I’m going to be taking that and see how this shakes out.

Bob and I have an appointment with Tillie to try to talk out how we each feel about my writing and whether or not we can come to some kind of détente about it.  Bob is using the analogy of alcohol to describe what continuing to write may do to me, and I am trying to avoid another writing shutdown like we had in 2011.  I am praying that Bob can understand that my love of writing does not supersede my love for him but that it is important to me and I do not want to give it up.  So that is where conversation will start.

Please pray that we can work this out and that I can continue the blog and my studies for my MFA.  Thanks so much for your support as I have tried to sort this out.


Classes Start

Classes start in my MFA program today and I am waiting for everyone to get their classes active this morning.  It’s a little early for them to be published–likely it will be later in the morning.  I am looking forward to my class and hope I get a lot out of it.

Got a book to review in the mail today–it’s a examination of Harper Lee’s life and her two books,  GO Set a Watchman and To Kill a Mockingbird.  I’m reviewing it for the New Orleans Review of Books, a new publication run by an old friend and associate of mine.   So that is exciting.

I have an appointment to see Dr. Bishop tomorrow after class and we will see what comes of that.  It’s not my regular appointment–I need to talk to him about my symptoms and something I think may be going on. I want to get into it with him before I get into it here, so I just want to ask for prayer that we can all together–me, Bob, Tillie, and Dr., Bishop–find a way through what I’ve discovered.



Today Went Well

I had my class I teach begin today and I had a good time meeting every one and starting things off a bit.  Had one poor guy sit  through my entire class and it didn’t register with him he was in the wrong class until he showed me his schedule and I pointed out that his class was at 9 a.m. instead of 8 a.m.  SO that depressed him terribly that he had gotten up so early.

I got stuck in a traffic jam coming home and didn’t get here until just a little while ago.  I ate lunch such as it was and now need to do my reading for class Friday to review everything. I read part of it yesterday and will do the rest today and tomorrow.

Not much else to say. I am still chewing on something in my head but I just need more time to process it and figure out what is going on.  I start my W class tomorrow and will see how that starts out.

Let you go for today but keep coming back and reading and commenting–I always enjoy responding to comments,.



Still Not Sure

Still not sure what to say.

I start teaching tomorrow, in other news.  I am looking forward to it a lot and hope that it goes well this semester and that I get to teach next semester, too.  I have to keep waking up on time especially now so I can get everything done before I leave.  I am trying  to sort out all of the laundry today so I won’t have it to worry about tomorrow–I can pick back up Thursday.

And I start classes tomorrow with my degree.  I am looking forward to that as well but a little nervous because it’s playwriting and while I’ve written plays, I’ve never had any formal instruction in it. So I am hoping to learn something and understand more about how they work.  That is the plan anyway.

That is all I have to say today.  I am still chewing on what is making me sad and not sure when I’m going to be able to talk about it.  Maybe int he next few days.