Accomplishing Things

So now that I am more awake, I am accomplishing stuff.  I inp.  ut my grades, I’ve run Bob’s laundry, and I’m getting ready to eat lunch.  I like this feeling.  And I am down to one Coke a day in the morning.  So that is a good feeling as well.

I am kind of sad this week–the fall residency is going on at school and I am not there for it.  But hopefully I will be able to go this spring and get one more out of the way.

Bob gets his company car today so I need to help him get the rental car to the car place at lunchtime.  We spend yesterday afternoon hunting for a new car–we test-drove three yesterday  and each one had something that bothered him, so we will probably do some more shopping Saturday.

I am ready to start seeing some results in my writing–I have a lot out and did get another encouraging rejection yesterday, asking me to submit again.  So I did–this time I sent poetry! 🙂  So we will see how that turns out.

Well.  I think I will go ahead and eat so I will be ready to help Bob with the rental car.  Hope everyone has a good rest of the week and weekend!



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