Long Morning

I wish I could have stayed in bed.  It is chilly outside and hot and stuffy in the office.  I am so sleepy.  I am better than I was in that department, but the hot office is making it worse than before today.  We will see how it turns out.  I think I will let the building manager know it is too hot in here.

SHopped for cars again this weekend, and we think we’re just going to buy an updated version of the same brand he had.  He is looking at trying to get it fixed and sell it to his brother-in-law  for one of his boys to drive.  That way they don’t have much in it if he wrecks it 🙂  So we will take care of that this weekend, I think.

My bipolar book is under review by my publishing  company that did my novella and I am all antsy to see what they say about it.  It may be a while before I hear from them, but at least I know it’s being read.  That is a blessing in and of itself.

Long day ahead–office hours until 11 and then back home.  I need to go to the grocery store and pick up dinner for the next two nights.  We will see how it goes.  I really just want to lie down when I get home–all of my joints are acting up in this cool weather.  I don’t know why unless I have arthritis setting in and that’s why they’re twitchy and achy.

Hope everyone has a good first of the week.  Happy Monday!


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