Good Morning!

I feel pretty good this morning.  I am here for office hours and have had a good day so far.  We had a good class this morning with various and sundry students participating.  Of course, we talked about Byron who is always interesting if salacious.  Gets their attention.

Had a kid send me an email that he overslept.  I love it when they are honest about why they miss.  It happens.  I told him to get the notes from someone in class so he can catch up.  He’s one of my better students so that was odd for him to miss two days.  But he was honest and said it would not happen Friday.  So maybe he will buy a new alarm clock.

Dinner was successful last night so that was a good feeling.  We eat at church tonight so that will be good as well.  So difficult lately to coordinate everything.  I was such a confused person in the grocery store–I forgot some things but did get most of it so that was good as well.

My youngest found out that she did well on a big math test–her teacher told her she was “super smart” and only missed two questions on what I believe was a long, long test.  So she has seemingly overcome much of her difficulty in school and is succeeding.  She is even reading when given free time in her classes so that is a good thing as well.

Hope everyone is making it well through the week.  Happy Wednesday!


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