Busy Weekend

Bob finally got his new vehicle–it looks exactly like his old one until you get inside it and see the updated electronics.  It even still has a CD player in it, so that will be nice on trips.  We will see how things turn out for my oldest and my middle one moving this holiday season and put the 4Runner to good use.

Mississippi State won their game this week against Texas A&M so that was a lot of fun to watch Saturday night.  We cheered and yelled at the TV the whole time.  So we enjoyed watching that.

My mom and dad came down to visit.  That was all right.  We went out to lunch with them and I went shopping with my mom for some Christmas happies.  Then we came back and my dad went to sleep on the couch and we and Mom talked for a while.  So it went well as far as it could.

We packed shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child in Sunday School on Sunday–each couple brought a toy, hygiene item, or school supplies to go in the boxes to send overseas.  So that was a lot of fun.  We had wanted to do it as kind of a party/social but the scheduling didn’t work out.  So we just did it together and had a brief Sunday School lesson after it.

SO today class went well.  We talked about the Brownings, Elizabeth and Robert.  Read “My Last Duchess” and again had to go line-by-line explaining it to them when the whole story was told in a bibliography footnote at the bottom of the page.  I said, “Read your notes at the bottom so you will know the story next time. ”  BUt it’s a good poem to read and work your poetry muscles out on.  So I enjoyed it, whether they did or not.

Hope everyone is having a good start to their week.  Have a good MOnday!

PS:  Just discovered that I have hit 5,031 total visitors and 15,012 hits over the life of the blog.  Four years of blogging and reaching that many people with my message of hope and resilience.  I hope that everyone who reads comes away with hope for themselves and their lives.  Thanks to all my loyal readers!



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