So Today Has Been Good

It’s been a good day even with me going to the dentist to begin it.  They said they didn’t see any work that needed to be done extra so set up for me to come back for a cleaning in a few months.  So that was a good start.  Then I went shopping for Christmas presents at Barnes and Noble and came up with some ideas for myself, so that was good as well.

Then I went to lunch with MJ and we had a good visit.  We talked books and politics and other topics of interest.  We always have fun when we get together.  I enjoy visiting with my friends.  I’m still trying to get up with Marlo to visit and we should work out something soon before the holidays.

I am just feeling so much better than I used to.  I feel up and not so sleepy and more positive and not so inclined to look at the day negatively.  I dont’ know if it’s a function of the good weather we’ve been having lately or of the new medication I’ve been on but my mood is generally good and I am not preoccupied or worried or obsessed with anything.  I really feel good about that.  I’ve spent so long living with fear of what was just around the corner.  I don’t feel that any more. It feels good not to.

Here’s  hoping that everyone reading is feeling good, too.  Thanks for stopping by and hopefully we will all find peace in the coming holiday rush.  Happy Tuesday!



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