Bob’s Sick

Bob has kicked off his annual rite of getting really, really sick in the fall a little early–usually he doesn’t start getting ill until Thanksgiving, but this year it hit at Halloween.  He had a severe coughing fit this morning to where he couldn’t even stand up.  He called in sick to work so I know he felt bad.  He can barely talk without coughing, so we are leaving each other alone for the most part.  We will see how he does later on today–I think I will run out and get him some Nyquil to try to control the cough.

Class went well today and everyone was agreeable to working together in groups.  I made sure each group had al least one person who was known to me for reading the material and had them each read a scene out of the play we were studying, The Importance of Being Earnest. We talked about Wilde and his life then I had them read aloud in parts the important sections of the play.  So that went well.

I am sleepy but not as bad as usual. I think I will be able to stay up and take care of Bob.  I need to do some more laundry but am not sure I will have a lot of time–I am finishing drying a load and have a wet load in the washer so I will need to do something with that load soon  Not sure I feel up to sorting out the load that is drying.  We will see.

Emotionally I’m still even keeled even with Bob sick  Usually that sends me into a tailspin of anxiety, but I’m handling it pretty well right now.  I hope he doesn’t get worse or he will have to go to the doctor and get steroids for his lungs.  He hates that because it makes him have the munchies.

Hope everyone has a good Halloween and get lots of candy to enjoy over the start of the holiday season  Happy Wednesday!


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