Holding It Together

I am trying to hold things together today.  I am very tired and feel a little grumpiness coming on.  It’s a rainy, dreary day, although the sun has finally come out somewhat, so that should help.

I woke up late this morning and have felt about fifteen minutes late all day long, even thought I have gotten everywhere on time.  I just feel short of time. Not sure why unless it’s just that I did panic a little when I realized that I went back to sleep after the alarm went off.     WE will see how it all turns out today–we have dance this afternoon so that will be a little rushed as well.

I do a recording for a podcast tomorrow–hopefully that will turn out well. It’s for the Advanceyourart.com website and should go live next week.  I’m looking forward to it and will try to just have fun with it.  I don’t know the podcaster–he was recommended by my publishing company for my novella.  So we will see.

Just heard from my oldest daughter–she finally has a day off after the Thanksgiving rush.  She is doing well transferring her life around to where she has official Florida documents–car insurance, drivers’ license, etc.  She said I would have enjoyed yesterday at Disney–the resort was playing Elvis Presley Christmas music. She said he must have covered every Christmas song on the planet.  I said just about.  So that was nice for her to hear a touch of home.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. WE will see how it goes here.  Happy Friday!



Working Hard

Or trying to.  I have laundry going and will get out some ornaments to put up this afternoon.  I tried going back to sleep since it was cold and overcast outside but couldn’t settle down.  So I am up and trying to use my energy without getting monic about everything.  I need to pick up some medication this morning so I will be doing that after ten o’clock .

We need some ideas for out Elf on the Shelf this year–I am not creative enough to think up a lot of things for him to do like some people are.  Ours just hangs out around the house hiding in cookie jars and such.  I think our youngest is getting to old for it. But I don’t imagine she will want to stop doing it.  She likes the story of it.

I think I need to go shopping for a new outfit to wear to the Christmas party,  All of my red stuff ot given away because I was too big for it or it was getting worn.  So I feel like getting out and doing today and  I think that is one of the errands I will run.

Hope everyone else can have a good day today.  I’ts on the downslope to the weekend, which is going to be busy for us.  Hopefully not too much so.  Happy Thursday!


Another Cold One

Another cold day today–down in the high 30’s this morning, but supposed to warm up to the mid-60’s.  I had such a hard time getting out of bed this morning.  But I did and got through class even though it was a bit of a slog.  We are doing modern writers and that just doesn’t have the appeal for me that the older writers do.  Not as much detail on their lives and just not as exciting to teach.

I have another week of my teaching class left and another week for my writing class as well.  I just wish this semester had been a better experience for me at my writing class.  But I am almost done.  I did evaluations and pointed out the issues with class participation and maybe that was unfair of me to write about, but the professor sets the tone for this stuff and maybe he didn’t do a good job of that.  Maybe next semester will be better–maybe I’ll be with the more nature students.  I don’t know who is taking this class yet; I guess I won’t find out until classes start.

Got the big tree up last night and will start decorating it today once I get home after doing laundry and what not.  Almost done with the Christmas cards, too.  I will start wrapping presents when I get the tree decorated so that likely will not happen until next week.  It’s hard to believe that it’s still November and there is plenty of time to finish all of this.  It will all be fine.  I keep telling myself that :).

I do need to get a picture made of Rachel to give as a present this year.  I suppose we can do it Sunday at  JC Penney’s.  I guess I need to call to get an appointment.  That will be the job for this afternoon.

Went to see my therapist yesterday and it really went well.  I seem to be doing well in all areas.  We agreed to meet again after Christmas.  I hope her prices don’t go up in the new year.  I would hate to give her up, but her price is plenty high now.  We will see what happens.

Hope everyone has a good day today!  Happy Wednesday!


Sleepy Morning

I am missing my Coke this morning.  🙂  Trying to wake up on a cold, cold morning. But I will go get one in a bit so it will be okay.   Listening to Elvis’ Christmas album and remembering Christmas at home with Mom and Dad.  I have a “favorites” Christmas mix with Straight No Chaser, Living Voices, Bing Crosby, Elvis, and Charlie Brown music that I especially like and plan to use at the Christmas party in a couple of weeks.

Every time I try to get into the Comp II class to review it I just cringe.  I am not looking forward to teaching it their way and do not understand what they want me to do.  I really need to sit down with the guy who did the training and work my way through it.  I will see if I can make an appointment with him Friday of finals week and see if he can lead me through organizing the syllabus, etc.

I see TIllie this morning and we will be trouble-shooting the holidays.  But I feel like I am in a really good place now mentally and am looking forward to Christmas pretty much. I dont’ anticipate much going wrong this year so I am looking forward to it.  I will miss my oldest, bit I will make it.  It’s what life is all about–raising the children to be independent.

Hope everyone is having a good start tot heir week and a good Tuesday.  Thanks for reading!


Almost Done

Another week and a half of classes for my Lit class at MC. and I’ve turned in my final project for my Playwriting class at the W.  I do finals the last day of finals week so I will be rushed grading them to turn in by the deadline.  I am really looking forward to the holidays and getting to sleep in more :).  It was really hard to get up this morning–it is so cold out.  But at least it’s not raining any more so the cold is not so hard to bear.

Need to finish making out that final and need to do class evaluations for the W.  I am kind of on the fence about how I am going to fill that out.  I want to explain that I was not happy with how chaotic the class was and how little involvement there was on the part of some people.  But I really do like my professor and don’t want him to get in trouble–just straighten things out a little bit.  So I suppose I will be wishy-washy in filling it out.

I am really happy with how my play turned out.  I want to see his final comments on it and see what else I can do to improve it, but he hasn’t said much about it in development and everything he suggested I did take into account so I can’t see where I would get a bad grade.  We will see how it turns out.

My middle one got back to her job safely yesterday and the youngest one went back to school today. The youngest and I put up Christmas trees last night–we did the two smaller ones and then quit, so we still have the big one to do over the course of the week.  I am looking forward to hosting the Christmas party for our Sunday School class again this year.  Hopefully all the preparation will go off without a hitch.  I need to soon start wrapping presents for everyone to get them under the tree.

Hope everyone has a good week and stays warm in this cold weather.

Thanksgiving Notes, a Little Late

So we had a good THanksgiving.  We went upstate to see my folks and ate with Bob’s parents as well at the deer camp so that was all good.  Now Bob and I are by ourselves for a couple of days so the girls can spend time with them all.  My middle one came in from GA, and the oldest had to stay down in Disney World and work at her new job.   So we tried not to let that get us down.

WE saw all of our extended family–Bob’s sister and her family and my sister and her family.  It worked really well this year–we all got along and had fin. At my mom’s house we have more fun because we all sit around and tell stories about the old times.  I laughed so hard at times . which was a good feeling.

Bob and I have just been here at home getting different things done.  He’s worked on the Christmas letter and I’ve done school work–it’s all going well so far.  WE are listening to Christmas music and enjoying ourselves quite a bit together.

My mood iis staying stable even though with  changing my psych appointment, I ran out of my anti-anxiety meds before we left for Thanksgiving.  But everything has been fine regardless so I will get refills on Monday, so I ‘m not terribly worried,

Hope everyone has good holidays and all this weekend as well–I think we’re going Christmas shopping tonowwor for all the gfirls and get that done while they are gone.  Looking forward to it!


Cooking for Thanksgiving this morning–yesterday we made cookies and today I am mking a cobbler.  We’re oing to meet Bob for lunch and I will go to the grocery store and get some things my mother-in-law has requested we pick up and bring tonight.  I will only be offline one day–I’ll come back Friday and blog then as well.

Took me three days of solid work but I think I have my play formatted correctly for my playwriting class.  It was so tiring putting in and takin out tabs and maybe finally getting it right.  So that has been interesting to work on,

I think I am giving up on my NsNoWriMo story.  It made a good short story but I don’t see anyway I can extend it into a novel.  I am kind of tired of looking at it.  I am still going to read my colleague’s installments but just can’t see my way to working on mine any more as stuck as I feel.

Got laundry to do this morning as well so I am running that early, too.  Trying to get as much done before lunch as possible.  We’re meeting Bob at Fannin Mart and will certainly enjoy that.  I will maybe have to skip the fired chicken–the chilli I fixed last night upset my reflux, and I had to sleep in the middle one’s room last night.  So that was not fun,

WEll, hope everyone enjoys the holiday tomorrow and is thankful for all of God’s blessings.,  I know I am this year.  Thanks to you for reading!





So I went to Wal-Mart today to look for some calligraphy ink or pens.  Came home with $100 worth of gifts and food.  Then I get home and discover that one of my bags didnt’ make it home at all, so I had to call and let them know and find it, then go back and gather it.  I’m glad I did because I don’t know where I would have found those particular gifts again.  So that is the way that went.

But I have pens!  So now I can start work on Christmas cards.  Today I’m going to pack for our Thanksgiving travel and  make food for the meal. TOday I’m going to make cookies and tomorrow a cobbler. I’ll address Christmas cards once we get back Friday.  SO I won’t be tempted to go out and try to shop 🙂  Bob might get restless and want to, so we will see.

I am still doing really well with everything.  I survived my oldest coming home for a short bit then leaving so quickly.  She flew back Saturday and she starts work tomorrow at her new full-time job at Disney World.  She is really excited and we are too.  I was afraid I might have a letdown after she left, but I made it fine even though I was alone all weekend., I just broke out my Harry Connick Jr. CD’s and relaxed all weekend. Ate out seafood since I never get to eat it with Bob and just chilled out,

Hope everyone has a good start to the week and is able to get together and celebrate Thanksgiving with friends or/and family.

Internet Troubles

I have been trying to post since after lunchtime.  Finally!  So today I want to talk about ads and WordPress , my blogging platform.

I use the free version of WordPress.  Just like the free site Facebook, WordPress is financed by advertisers buying  ads to show to users.  I have al ways known this.  I have no control over what ads are shows because I did not buy a custom domain name and  pay for web hosting.  I checked the site recently and saw no ads that should offend any readers of this site, except one asking people to donate to Planned Parenthood.

I do not support Planned Parenthood, so do not think I am asking you to donate.  Most of the other ads do seem customized to the site in that they deal with medical issues.   I beleive my readers know what I support and what I do not, so I am not bothered by the ads I saw must recently on the site.  So please, feel free to ignore any ad you see–I have no control over them at this time.  Until I start earning more money at this writing game, I cannot afford hosting and my own domain name.

Thanks for reading, and I will see you back tomorrow.



Found out this morning that it’s going to be almost certain that if I stay at MC’s English Department that I will only be allowed to teach Composition from now on.  So I am looking to other departments and colleges to see where I might can find work.  I’ve contacted MC’s communications department and contacted Belhaven’s English and communications departments so my resume will be going back out quite a bit.

Belhaven wants a letter from my pastor, and I asked which one since we had like 14.  He said as long as it was a pastoral staff member that anyone was okay.  So I will see what can be found out from the other MC department before I do anything for Belhaven.

My oldest is here and we are enjoying her.  She will go shopping with her grandmother this morning and do other stuff she needs to do before flying back tomorrow morning.  So we will see how the rest of the visit goes.  We took her to Table 100 to celebrate her getting the full=time job so that was a good, good meal.  Bob shipped out this morning to drive to Orlando.  My youngest goes to see my parents this weekend so I will be alone all weekend.  Not sure what I’m going to do with myself–I may write Christmas cards or wrap presents for Christmas  presents.  We will see.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.  Happy Friday!