Found out this morning that it’s going to be almost certain that if I stay at MC’s English Department that I will only be allowed to teach Composition from now on.  So I am looking to other departments and colleges to see where I might can find work.  I’ve contacted MC’s communications department and contacted Belhaven’s English and communications departments so my resume will be going back out quite a bit.

Belhaven wants a letter from my pastor, and I asked which one since we had like 14.  He said as long as it was a pastoral staff member that anyone was okay.  So I will see what can be found out from the other MC department before I do anything for Belhaven.

My oldest is here and we are enjoying her.  She will go shopping with her grandmother this morning and do other stuff she needs to do before flying back tomorrow morning.  So we will see how the rest of the visit goes.  We took her to Table 100 to celebrate her getting the full=time job so that was a good, good meal.  Bob shipped out this morning to drive to Orlando.  My youngest goes to see my parents this weekend so I will be alone all weekend.  Not sure what I’m going to do with myself–I may write Christmas cards or wrap presents for Christmas  presents.  We will see.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.  Happy Friday!



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