Internet Troubles

I have been trying to post since after lunchtime.  Finally!  So today I want to talk about ads and WordPress , my blogging platform.

I use the free version of WordPress.  Just like the free site Facebook, WordPress is financed by advertisers buying  ads to show to users.  I have al ways known this.  I have no control over what ads are shows because I did not buy a custom domain name and  pay for web hosting.  I checked the site recently and saw no ads that should offend any readers of this site, except one asking people to donate to Planned Parenthood.

I do not support Planned Parenthood, so do not think I am asking you to donate.  Most of the other ads do seem customized to the site in that they deal with medical issues.   I beleive my readers know what I support and what I do not, so I am not bothered by the ads I saw must recently on the site.  So please, feel free to ignore any ad you see–I have no control over them at this time.  Until I start earning more money at this writing game, I cannot afford hosting and my own domain name.

Thanks for reading, and I will see you back tomorrow.


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