Cooking for Thanksgiving this morning–yesterday we made cookies and today I am mking a cobbler.  We’re oing to meet Bob for lunch and I will go to the grocery store and get some things my mother-in-law has requested we pick up and bring tonight.  I will only be offline one day–I’ll come back Friday and blog then as well.

Took me three days of solid work but I think I have my play formatted correctly for my playwriting class.  It was so tiring putting in and takin out tabs and maybe finally getting it right.  So that has been interesting to work on,

I think I am giving up on my NsNoWriMo story.  It made a good short story but I don’t see anyway I can extend it into a novel.  I am kind of tired of looking at it.  I am still going to read my colleague’s installments but just can’t see my way to working on mine any more as stuck as I feel.

Got laundry to do this morning as well so I am running that early, too.  Trying to get as much done before lunch as possible.  We’re meeting Bob at Fannin Mart and will certainly enjoy that.  I will maybe have to skip the fired chicken–the chilli I fixed last night upset my reflux, and I had to sleep in the middle one’s room last night.  So that was not fun,

WEll, hope everyone enjoys the holiday tomorrow and is thankful for all of God’s blessings.,  I know I am this year.  Thanks to you for reading!




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