Thanksgiving Notes, a Little Late

So we had a good THanksgiving.  We went upstate to see my folks and ate with Bob’s parents as well at the deer camp so that was all good.  Now Bob and I are by ourselves for a couple of days so the girls can spend time with them all.  My middle one came in from GA, and the oldest had to stay down in Disney World and work at her new job.   So we tried not to let that get us down.

WE saw all of our extended family–Bob’s sister and her family and my sister and her family.  It worked really well this year–we all got along and had fin. At my mom’s house we have more fun because we all sit around and tell stories about the old times.  I laughed so hard at times . which was a good feeling.

Bob and I have just been here at home getting different things done.  He’s worked on the Christmas letter and I’ve done school work–it’s all going well so far.  WE are listening to Christmas music and enjoying ourselves quite a bit together.

My mood iis staying stable even though with  changing my psych appointment, I ran out of my anti-anxiety meds before we left for Thanksgiving.  But everything has been fine regardless so I will get refills on Monday, so I ‘m not terribly worried,

Hope everyone has good holidays and all this weekend as well–I think we’re going Christmas shopping tonowwor for all the gfirls and get that done while they are gone.  Looking forward to it!

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