Holding It Together

I am trying to hold things together today.  I am very tired and feel a little grumpiness coming on.  It’s a rainy, dreary day, although the sun has finally come out somewhat, so that should help.

I woke up late this morning and have felt about fifteen minutes late all day long, even thought I have gotten everywhere on time.  I just feel short of time. Not sure why unless it’s just that I did panic a little when I realized that I went back to sleep after the alarm went off.     WE will see how it all turns out today–we have dance this afternoon so that will be a little rushed as well.

I do a recording for a podcast tomorrow–hopefully that will turn out well. It’s for the Advanceyourart.com website and should go live next week.  I’m looking forward to it and will try to just have fun with it.  I don’t know the podcaster–he was recommended by my publishing company for my novella.  So we will see.

Just heard from my oldest daughter–she finally has a day off after the Thanksgiving rush.  She is doing well transferring her life around to where she has official Florida documents–car insurance, drivers’ license, etc.  She said I would have enjoyed yesterday at Disney–the resort was playing Elvis Presley Christmas music. She said he must have covered every Christmas song on the planet.  I said just about.  So that was nice for her to hear a touch of home.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. WE will see how it goes here.  Happy Friday!


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