Emerging Voices

Got some good news–the theatre department of my school has selected a play I wrote last year for playwriting workshop to be part of a showcase of new plays in March during Homecoming Week.  We just have to figure out something to do with the youngest one so we can go up, let me be part of the Q&A, then come back.  But I”m sure we can figure something out.

Talked to Dr. Bishop today–he had some good advice about caring vs worrying.  He said if caring means doing something about something that is important, then I should care.  But if it means simply worrying about something, then I shouldn’t.  In other words, I’ve fallen right back into the trap of thinking that if I am worrying about something, I am taking action on it.  So I am going to discuss this with Bob since everything I seem to worry about in this kind of needless way is directly tied into his possible anger at me for something I am doing or not doing.

Rainy wet weather today.  It will be a good day to stay inside and work on inside things like laundry and grading and school work.  No worrying allowed! 🙂

I need to get going on that very to-do list and get it done.  Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.  I appreciate you all.

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