I am recovering from Birmingham.  The girls did wonderfully–they won Judge’s Choice Awards and placed in the top three for three of their four routines so they did really, really well.  But it was still twelve hours straight at the theater where  they danced for us and so we are still tired.  Bob is good and sick with his allergies and plans to go to the doctor Wednesday unless somehow forced to do so today or tomorrow.

Class today went well–I have a bunch of questions to email to the guy who trained me in Comp II trying to see what is coming up and how I need to prepare. We will see how it goes.  Almost halfway through the semester so that is good.  I am ready to be done with teaching this semester.  I have not enjoyed it as much as I did the lit courses I was able to teach before.  I may not teach again here, but that will be all right if it’s God’s will.  Hopefully I can get Brit Lit again and see what there is to explore in the new anthology.

The research topics may be interesting.  One girl put out her research questions as “Are people with schizophrenia dangerous?” which kind of set me back on my heels.  I have to fight to remember these are eighteen-year-olds who don’t know very much about the world.  I treat them like adults so I think they should think like them, but they don’t.  They have so much to learn.

I need to start grading  papers for this class–I didn’t take them on my trip because I knew I would not have time, and when  we got back I was really tired and in no mood to grade fairly.  SO that was that.  I will start on them when I finish this up and knock out what I can during office hours.  Tomorrow will be too busy as well–I have TIllie, then Holly, then a W conference Tuesday night.  So I need to get them done today.

I feel better now that Birmingham is behind me.  Next up is the Spring Break competition the first weekend of spring break and then our Spring Break trip to Fairhope AL to see the crafts show on the last weekend.  I am looking forward to that.  Last time we went Rachel was very small so it will be nice to revisit it.

I guess I will start grading.  Hope everyone has a good beginning to their week.  Thanks so much for reading!

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